Banking & Finance – Capital Market – Investment Funds


Our focus in Banking and Finance is to assist our clients in their financing needs:

  • Bank financing (capex or acquisition debt), and personal guarantees or securities,
  • Real estate financing,
  • Cash pooling, intra-group loans, refinancing,
  • alternative financing,
  • European private placement (Euro PP),
  • Bonds issuance, securities issuance, « bons de caisse» (saving certificate),
  • Structuring and setting-up of innovative financial products under financial and banking regulations,
  • Dealing with state-of-the art questions or innovative field (such as crowdfunding, blockchain) with the support of our IT-IP team.


Our Capital Market activity serves primarily majority shareholders and issuers and includes the following:

  • Initial public offering, fund raising by public offer of securities and/or private placements,
  • Sale of block of securities,
  • Friendly takeover bids or exemption from the obligation to launch a takeover bid,
  • Delisting or transfer of listing to an organized multilateral trading facility,
  • Threshold crossing declaration, directors’ disclosure under French law, insiders’ list, confidentiality agreement and ethics code,
  • Securities buybacks (buyback program …).


Our activity in Investment Funds addresses the structuring and compliance with asset management regulations, including the individual portfolio management such as:

  • Structuring investment funds and portfolio management company and compliance with asset management regulations, individual portfolio management,
  • Creating funds open to non-professional investors (FCPR et FCPI, FIP),
  • Creating private equity professional Funds (FPCI), Specialized professional investment funds (“fonds professionnel spécialisé” or “FPS”), French Limited Liability Partnership qualifying as alternative investment funds under AIFM European directive (“société de libre partenariat” or “SLP”),
  • Creating or structuring other alternative investment funds regulated under European directive AIFM (venture capital company, club deal investment in private equity, real estate) or exemption to this directive,
  • UCITS and all other financial investment services related, order reception and transmission (ORT), portfolio management, promotion and marketing, including recently the outcomes of the European directive MIFID 2.